Virtual Coaching


Imagine having the freedom to walk into your closet and choose anything, because everything fits. Imagine having the choice to travel and enjoy food without feeling out of control or guilty. Imagine the choice of going to events and enjoying the party like everyone else. Imagine the choice to be an example to your family and share your success and healthy lifestyle with them.


Your current results are a direct reflection of your relationship with your weight and if you’re not in love with your results, then you need to transform your relationship with food first. Your relationship with your weight determines the lifestyle you lead, the impact you make and the amount of freedom you’ll enjoy. Most people mistakenly think that losing weight will stop the emotional roller coaster but unfortunately that can make the problem worse – you must be willing to address the root cause if you want your sense of self to flourish.


We take a holistic approach to health and emotions that combines insight with action. The practical knowledge shared comes from years of personal & coaching experience, not from textbooks or theoretical teaching. With this approach, you will experience a shift in how you view your weight and discover practical tools that can be implemented immediately to increase your self confidence and provide tangible results.

"Renee has made the program so easy from start to finish! From her welcoming, understanding attitude to the unbelievably easy technology she uses to manage the process all you have to do is follow the program she has thoughtfully laid out for you. Renee has a vast and deep knowledge of their fat loss protocol and is very open to help advise or troubleshoot an area of concern."  

Virtual Coaching

with Renee Lynn

Meet face-to-face weekly using

Zoom meetings... so easy to reach your goal!

  • Virtual Coaching Services via Zoom or Telephone Consultation

  • Here's how it works: 

  • The Initial Consultation is Complimentary - BOOK HERE

  • We ship your product and Weight Loss program information packet

  • We setup a phone or Zoom meeting prior to your first day on the diet. We suggest starting on Thursday or Friday so that all of the possible symptoms including, fatigue, headaches, etc. are out of the way by Monday. It takes 1 - 5 days for you to detox your system from sugars/carbs/alcohol to our clean, high-protein protocol.

  • We dialog by phone, Zoom, text or email thru the initial 1 - 3 days on the protocol to be sure you understand the program and get the proper support.

  • We meet weekly to go over your food journal, questions, etc. to help you stay on track and meet your weight loss goals

It's a great day to start your weight loss program...

Call us! 408-356-4600 or Book Your Complimentary Consultation to hear more about our program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Cost of our program is $250 and includes the IP program, daily video emails, phone/text/email support and all your weekly virtual meetings. Meal Costs: The first week cost is $245 and includes one month of supplements, your first week of food, After the first week it's approximately $120 per week for food and supplements (based on 21 IP meals each week). Extra meals cost approx $5-$5.40 each.

How long is the program?

That's up to you! Typical results for women are 2 - 3 pounds of fat loss per week. Men lose 3 - 5 pounds of body fat weekly. We work together to achieve maximum results not only during the weight loss phase, but through maintenance also.

What happens once I reach my goal?

Hurrah!! Now the fun begins!!
We don't just leave you off to your own and head back to old habits. We coach you through the stabilization phase and teach you about maintenance and how to manage your new lifestyle. We keep meeting virtually once you reach your target goal for as long as you need support!

Can I still buy meals once I reach my goal?

YES! You are always a member of our clinic and can purchase anytime.

What if I need to stop for awhile?

This is your journey! If you need to stop, we help you learn to stabilize and work with you to maintain the weight that you have lost. When you are ready to go again, we are always here. No additional start up fees!