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What Would It Be Like To Have Another Income Stream? How would $2,000, $3,000, $4,000+ per month in additional income help?

Determine If You Are Ready to Change Your Life With Another Business...

Less Time At The Office?

More Vacations?

More Time With Kids?

Less Debt?

I encourage you to invest in yourself and this business. Honestly, this business is going to grow with or without you! 

That may seem harsh but every day our team is growing by new team members. 


This is your opportunity to secure a spot on the team before another brand partner joins. 

Every time someone joins, they benefit from future people ordering products on autoship! That's the beauty and simplicity of our system. 


How would you like to wake up every single morning with 10, 20, 100, 1000+ orders on auto-ship knowing that you just got paid on those orders and did nothing! 

This is now my morning because we made a decision a few years ago. You simply setup a person in our system (a one time activity) and let the person order on autoship from there. 



They love the products and keep ordering them. Yes, that's how simple this industry is. People overcomplicate it. 


Here is a question I ask most people...

If not this today, then what?


"But, I don't have enough time. I am maxed out"

How long do you want to live that way?


"But I don't have the money to purchase anything or start a business right now?"

If you don't have enough money to at least try some nutritional products risk-free to evaluate the business more, you need this business more than you think! 


If I can show you a way to invest $300 - $1,500 to start a business and you can begin generating more passive income monthly than 3 real estate 90 days or less...without all of the risk of buying property...would you consider it? 


"But I have tried this industry before and it didn't work for me."

90-95% of small businesses (across all industries) in this country fail in the first 5 years and another 90-95% fail in the next 5 years. Why do we think network marketing is going to be any different? Business is business. 


The reason people fail in this industry is simple: they lack a system built by real professionals; they lack real access to real mentors, and they are not in the right system (wrong products or wrong compensation plan or both). 

You won't find a better set of health & wellness solutions on the market.


You have the right science and technology with Liposome delivery.


You have the #1 CEO in the industry leading a $100m company.


You have a system and a business team built for long-term growth.


You have field leaders & mentors with 30+ years of experience and direct access.


You have the opportunity to earn income weekly in the health & wellness industry.

What If These Solutions Changed Your Life? Would It Be Worth It?

If you spent less time at the doctor and prevented so many of the health issues we hear about in our daily life, would it be worth trying these solutions for 30 days?

Determine which products you want to try to start using completely risk free.

Still need more proof? Consider watching the product testimonies below!




The Timing Has Never Been Better...

Become A Brand Partner, 

Join our Business Team, Market The Vasayo Product Line & Business

There Are Three Parts Of This Exclusive Offer


The Solutions, The Science, And The Technology...

Simply Purchase A Business Kit Which Includes Your Products & Everything For Your Business...



Free Access To Mentorship & Business Systems & Tools...

Receive The Presentation Tools, Business Trifold, Exclusive Access To The Team Building System, Getting Started Training



Technology & Social Media Tools...

We Provide Social Media Training,  A Business Marketing App, Access To The Private Team Group, And Online Live Trainings


*Yes we actually encourage you to build ONLINE + OFFLINE!!!


Here's a recap of everything you will receive when you simply move forward with one of the product packs (click below to review those options)

Offer 1: Our Products Are Delivered Within 2-3 Days To Your Address. Simply Purchase One Of The Business Kits To Start.

Offer 2: Access To The Business System & Tools. Receive The Presentation Tools, Business Tri-fold, Exclusive Access To The Business Education Group, Getting Started Training.

Offer 3: Technology & Social Media Tools. Social Media Training, Business Marketing App, The Private Team Group, And Online Live Trainings.

"I Am Interested But I Have More Questions?"

Simply complete the form below and we'll contact you by email, text, or Facebook Messenger. 

Whatever communication platform you prefer we will honor.

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