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Mediterranean Cod


8 ounces of cod fillets thawed 1 egg white



Smoked paprika

Chopped parsley

Lemon juice

Beat one egg white in a bowl. Dip each piece of cod into the egg white and then place it on a plate. Sprinkle the egg dipped cod with cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, chopped parsley and lemon juice. Place the cod in the air fryer on "fish" setting. Fry in the air fryer for eight minutes. Stop, turn the fish over and add additional seasoning. Air fry for an additional eight minutes. Fine grate cauliflower into rice and sprinkle with cumin, coriander and smoked paprika and chopped parsley. (Pictured the cauliflower rice is mixed off with Konjac noodle rice. The rice is dry fried before adding the cauliflower rice.)

Recipes created by Dea Marie of Dea’s Recipes. For more recipes join her Facebook group at:

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