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Dill Pickle Yellow Beans


Yellow beans – wax beans- snap pod beans cleaned and ends trimmed off

As many cups of beans as you would like to pickle

12 cups of water

4 cups of white vinegar

¾ cups of coarse salt – pickling salt

48 or more garlic cloves peeled

12 whole stalks of dill

Pickling spice

Celery seed


Canning Jars – choose 1 cup, 2 cup or quart jars

Seals and screw lids

Canner, with metal lift rack

Canning tongs


Wash and sterilize canning jars.

Place a ¼ tsp of pickling spice – optional in each jar

Place a 1/8tsp of celery seed in each jar

Put 3 or more peeled garlic cloves in each jar

Place beans in jar, packing them tight, filling leaving about ¼ inch space to the top, you leave this so the liquid will cover the top of the beans.

In a large pot bring water, vinegar and coarse pickling salt to a boil.

Fill each jar covering the beans, place seal lid on jars, then close with the screw lids.

Place jars in a boiling water bath in the canner, process jars for 10 minutes, lift from bath place on tea towels on a flat surface and carefully wipe the water from the top of jars, do not depress the top of the jars.

As the jars cool, they will naturally seal you will hear a “pop” and the top of the seal it will concave in.

Place jars in cool dry place for 6 weeks.

Any jars that do not seal can be placed in the fridge so they do not spoil and may be enjoyed earlier.

Label the day you canned your beans.

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