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Fit 3D Body Imaging

Weight & Body Composition 
Body Fat Percentage
Fat Mass vs Lean Mass Ratio
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) 
Full Body Posture Analysis 
Balance Assessment
Body Shape Wellness Rating


What is it?


The FIT 3-D Body Scanner is the most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting technology of its kind. It is the newest and most innovative body scanner.

The state-of-the-art scanner offers our clients a one-stop wellness assessment within minutes. The advanced technology allows our health & wellness clinic to produce precise body measurements in 40 seconds from a simple single scan with the results delivered to your email address in a full 360 degree avatar with precise body measurements. 

This innovative technology offers the very best in body composition analysis - no more circumference measurements or inaccurate weight or body fat data. 


Motivate & Track Your Progress

With many of us keen to improve health, fitness and well-being, our 3-D Body scanning service allows you to accurately assess and track your progress, helping to focus and motivate you towards reaching your diet, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Alongside tracking physical shape change through the avatar, the FIT 3-D Body scanner also provides a comprehensive wellness assessment. In less than a minute you will have access to personal bio-metric data including weight, full body measurements, body fat percentage and a body shape wellness rating based on a comparison with over 500,000 scans.

After the FIT 3-D scan is complete, clients can view their virtual scan and wellness metrics from any device through a personal login. Access to your scan is unlimited and accessible at any time, allowing you to focus on the key areas of your nutrition and fitness areas that you want to improve.

Your personalized profile also has the added benefit of allowing you to compare your scans side by side to accurately track your fitness, health or weight loss journey. Many clients find this tracking a key factor in motivating them to continue with their weight loss or fitness journey as the bio-metric data accurately assesses the changes with your body at each scan.

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