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wellness workshops and more)


Small Group Programs

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On-site Nutrition
Counseling for Employees

Health Food Store
Shopping Tours

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Customize offerings available
per your specific group needs.



We offer corporate wellness programs, speaking at conferences, non-profit events, or retreats and we will have your attendees inspired, empowered and armed with strategies to help improve their health through the power of nutrition. We customize all of our programs to fit the needs of your group and then we engage and support participants in making the necessary steps in order to achieve a greater level of balance and wellness in their life.

When your employees are healthy, so is your business. According to a Duke University study, employees with a BMI over 30 cost employers $1,430 more per year on average than those in a healthy BMI range. As that BMI number goes up, the cost follows exponentially.

Having a corporate wellness and weight loss plan can help fight those costs. Reformation offers employer partnerships at no cost to your business. By offering employee discounts on a weight loss plan based on proven results, you will have employees who are healthier and happier, providing a more productive workforce.

Receive more information on corporate wellness benefits at no cost to your business.

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