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Coaches Refresh Retreat

What's Included

Day 1 - Coaches Only

Clinic Basics - 8 - 9:45 AM

  • Streamline clinic processes

  • Growing clinic clientele

  • Marketing & Community

  • Social Media Strategies


Behavior & Motivation - 10 AM - 12 PM

  • Client retention strategies

  • Coaching clients to goal

  • Accountability coaching

  • Program compliance

Lifestyle Education - 1 - 3PM

  • Understanding the phases

  • Teaching phases 3 & 4

  • Client retention in phase 4

  • Reboot programs

Clinic Workshops - 3:30 - 5PM 

  • Wellness workshops for new clients

  • Teaching nutrition & cooking classes

  • Lifestyle/Maintenance classes

Coaches Dinner / Networking - 6:30 PM 

Day 2

Grocery Tour - 8 AM
(Limited to the first 12 registrants)

  • Produce: seasonal shopping

  • Shopping on a budget / list planning

  • Tips for meat and fish


Setting Attainable Goals - 10 AM - 12 PM

  • Creating permanent change

  • Addressing emotions, stress, old habits and more

Back-to-Basics - 1 - 3:15 PM

  • Journal your way to success

  • Learn why you struggle

  • Self-sabotage techniques

  • Change your thoughts to change your life

Meal Prep & Baking Class with Dea - 3:30 

  • Learn easy weekly meal prep

  • Understanding nutrition labels

  • Keeping veggies fresh and prepped

Day 3

Grocery School - 8:30 - 9:45 AM

  • Shopping skills to save time

  • Menu planning and listing making

Nourish to Flourish - 10 - 11:30AM

  • Self care strategies

  • Addressing thyroid, hormones and medications

  • Finding balance that will help with stress and sleep

Lifestyle Living - 12:30 - 1:45 PM 

  • Maintaining weight loss

  • Incorporating long-term lifestyle changes

  • Accepting and loving the new you 

  • Leaving the old behind and not missing it​

Weird Veggies Cooking Class

 2 - 4 PM

  • Learn to cook every veggie you’ve never heard of

  • Creating your favorite recipes in a new way

  • Cook delicious healthy foods for the whole family

Coaches Day, Friday, Feb. 15

Wellness Retreat, Feb. 16 & 17

Unplug from your busy daily life and re-calibrate through our immersive, results-oriented wellness retreat!

Friday, Coaches Retreat day includes:

Ideal for those in need of dedicated time interacting with other clinic coaches & owners. Limited to 50 guests, the coaches day is a series of interactive sessions.  Each attendee will be provided with printed materials and sample presentation documents.

Saturday & Sunday, Wellness Retreat:

The goal is “whole body wellness”, which includes cooking classes and a grocery tour.

We know that personal weight loss is a challenge that requires support and guidance in a comfortable, nurturing environment.


Guests will take home sustainable strategies, healing tools and skills and conscious awareness to make long-term lifestyle choices.


We will focus on creating “emotional fitness” to create the ability to resolve even the most difficult challenges of life and empower sustainable transformation and personal evolution. This is your personal empowerment journey with the benefit of being surrounded by like-minded people and coaches.

The Refresh Wellness Retreat leaders are dedicated to creating a safe and secure environment to allow for personal awareness and life change. 


Our program gives attendees the opportunity to determine where they are on the road to balanced and healthy living along with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable healthy changes in their daily lives.

It is our goal that upon completion of the retreat, guests feel mentally transformed with lasting nutrition and lifestyle guidance that will continue and ensure guests sustain the benefits of their weekend experience.


Meet Your Coaches

Renee Lynn is an Ideal Protein clinic owner, nutrition and lifestyle coach.  Along her weight loss journey she has gained and lost 65 pounds 3 times in her life. 


She's been maintaining her current weight for the past 15 years and has learned the strategies of lifestyle management. 


Her mission is to help others realize their potential to be the best they can be in all aspects of life. She loves inspiring others through video clips on Facebook and YouTube. Join her lifestyle community at


Dea has lost over 100 lbs using the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, she is a level 3 certified Ideal Protein Coach with Redcliff Pharmasave and has been creating and sharing phase 1-4 friendly baking and meals that follow and enhance the protocol since 2011.


Dea is a firm believer that healthy food is nature’s healer and sustainer in long term weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.


Dea creates recipes and shares them weekly on her show: Low Carb Cooking with Dea & Renee at


3-Day Retreat


1-Day Retreat



3-Day Retreat


1-Day Retreat


Webinar registration includes lifetime access to the recorded retreat sessions via our closed Facebook group.

Registration is non-refundable but may be transferred one-time prior to the retreat dates.

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