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60 Days to Lifetime Change.

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60 DAYS TO LIFESTYLE CHANGE is a holistic approach to health and emotions that combines insight with action. The practical knowledge shared comes from years of personal & coaching experience, not from textbooks or theoretical teaching. With this approach, you will experience a shift in how you view your weight and discover practical tools that can be implemented immediately to increase your self confidence and provide tangible results.

60 DAY Modules

Develop a Healthy Mindset: This module lays the foundation for bringing in a healthy weight loss & maintenance mindset. It begins with shifting how we think.


Build a Winning Future: This module focuses on creating a future that is distinctly different from the past and understanding how the past is holding us back.


Discover your Unique Weight Loss Personality: This modules examines different dieter personalities – which are you?


Shatter your Weight Loss Glass Ceiling: This module is about discovering your healthy weight set point, understanding successful maintenance strategies and raising your standards of self respect.


Overcome Self Sabotage and Clean up Old Habits: This module tackles how we sabotage our weight loss & maintenance.


Create the Health That You are Worth: This module delves into how the level of your health is directly related to how much you value yourself.


Put Your Health into Action: This module examines how we think about our weight and why a new set of habits, actions and ways of being are needed to change your success in maintenance.

"Absolutely love it! I find myself writing things down daily about my why... and what the end result looks like, and how I’m going to get there."

"I like the course because it makes me think and challenges me to look at some real issues."

Live Masterclass

with Renee Lynn

This is a dynamic 8-week program
designed to end the emotional roller coaster that many dieters face.

  • Are you worried that you will gain all of your weight back?

  • Are you frustrated wondering how you will make good choices in maintenance? 

  • Are you struggling with the emotional roller coaster of old habits and self sabotage?

  • Are you envious of others and feel that you're the only one struggling with your weight? 

  • Are you ready to learn the strategies and tools to start living the lifestyle you dream of? 

Winning at health doesn’t have to mean continuous struggle or working even harder than you already are. It’s entirely possible to conquer old habits, start living the lifestyle you desire and taking control of your choices.


But how you view yourself will need to shift first….

Imagine having the freedom to walk into your closet and choose anything, because everything fits. Imagine having the choice to travel and enjoy food without feeling out of control or guilty. Imagine the choice of going to events and enjoying the party like everyone else. Imagine the choice to be an example to your family and share your success and healthy lifestyle with them.


Your current results are a direct reflection of your relationship with your weight and if you’re not in love with your results, then you need to transform your relationship with food first. Your relationship with your weight determines the lifestyle you lead, the impact you make and the amount of freedom you’ll enjoy. Most people mistakenly think that losing weight will stop the emotional roller coaster but unfortunately that can make the problem worse – you must be willing to address the root cause if you want your sense of self to flourish.

  • When does the program start?
    You'll receive access to the Facebook group when you sign up - START ANYTIME! As soon as you complete your payment, you'll be sent a link to the Private Facebook Group. Just click to join and we'll approve you!
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